Easy Ways To Facilitate Chocolate Moulding Machine.

Design & Realisation – The Reference for Pastry Chefs & Chocolatiers since 1989. Inner partitions, in which the item may have opportunity to contact are created out of SS 304. This type of chocolate machinery increase production capability chocolate moulding machine in quick changing environments with a need for smaller batches. The device has a maximum running speed of 18 moulds per second and can be available in a stainless steel or painted finish.

The complete system has really compact dimensions without sacrificing growth: about 6 molds / minute for chocolate cubes and strong bodies. With this type of machine we advocate the combination of a TANK200 / 400 kg with level sensor to accommodate for the high efficacy of the machine. This machine allows the operator to choose between two kinds of different procedures after the filling of the mould through the perforated injection plate.

Depositor: Depositor tank construct with SS 304, Aluminum head two Rotary Slides, with 20or40 no’s of pistons. Before conclusion we invite all customers to see their gear running and where possible with merchandise. We work closely with a number of smaller machine makers from China who assemble base machines and gear to our quality guidelines.

When the device has passed our quality checks and been signed off by the customer we could send, install and train your employees. De gietmachine zorgt ervoor dat de chocolade onder de beste omstandigheden wordt gesmolten en eenvoudig kan worden getempereerd. Created for high demanding production demands in different capacities, the Mol d’Art machines function exceptionally well on holding stable temperatures in all stages of their manufacturing procedure.

If one wants to create the cubes that the machine flips over the mould, vibrates it, and brings it back into its initial position. On this type of machine we advocate the combination of a TANK200 / 400 kg with flat sensor to accommodate to the high efficacy of this machine. This sort of molding machines is also convenient as the base for an automatic enrobing line for full automated coating of chocolates or truffles.

The procedure for the production of strong bodies (pills, napolitaines etc.) is much simpler: in this instance the bodies, following the filling and following vibration to evenly distribute the chocolate within it, are directly expelled, just like its predecessors, into the connected tube. Transport of the tempered chocolate into the moulds is provided by a rotating wheel.

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